This documents changes for each Gridsim release. These can also be found with each Github release.

All notable changes to this project will be documented in this file.

The format is based on Keep a Changelog, and this project adheres to Semantic Versioning.

0.4 (2020-08-20)


  • You can now set the contents of a Message by key, without needing to create a new message.

  • When creating a ConfigParser, you can now choose to show warnings when getting a value that isn’t in the config file

  • If a data directory (in the path for a Logger filename) does not exist, it will be created.

  • New method log_system_info() allows you to easily save information about the system on which the experiments are being run.

  • Paths for both Logger and ImageEnvironment (used via World support using ~ to indicate home directory


  • Trying to have a Robot sample outside of the arena now returns None. Previously, this threw a lower-level error about an image index being out of range.

  • Decrease World tag opacity

  • Formatting: Changed to 100-character line limit (from 80).

  • [Under the hood] Renamed WorldEnvironment to ImageEnvironment


  • Previously, if you tried to sample() a negative position in the World, it would loop the index around and give you the value of a position on the other side of the environment. Now, this is considered out of bounds and returns None.

  • Improve performance for drawing large number of tags in the Viewer (by converting coordinates to integers).

  • Trying to use the Viewer without an environment image in the World would cause a crash. Now it doesn’t.

  • Return type and documentation for sample() now matches that of the environment (returns None if sampling outside boundaries).

  • Fix broken get_version() function.

  • Time in Logger is now stored as an integer (since it’s ticks). Previously, it was a float.


  • There’s no way to set the whole message contents or clear keys/values in the contents

0.3 (2020-06-29)


  • Grid cells in the World can now be tagged with a color by the tag() method. (The color tag is only used by the Viewer when it draws the World.)

  • The Robot’s sample() method now includes an option to tag the sampled location in the World with a color.

  • Message now has “truthiness”: null messages are False and non-null messages are True.

  • Messages contents can be accessed by key with the get() method, as well as still being able to retrieve the entire message dictionary contents.

  • Created this changelog


  • Message.tx_id() has been renamed to the (more informative) sender().

  • Robot’s init() isn’t run until the robot is placed in the World. This allows robots to have access to World information (like the arena size) in the init() method.

  • [Under the hood] World’s environments are abstracted to have empty and non-empty types, which cleans up code to get rid of reliance on checking for environments being None.

  • [Under the hood] Reduce reliance on cheating and accessing private variables and methods (underscore-prefixed methods/variables)


  • Message.is_null has been removed. Instead, directly use the boolean conversion described above.


  • Order of commands run on the robot resulted in incorrect movements (robot-specific move(), then Robot controller/loop function, then collision/environment-aware _move operation to move the robots which was using a different move command)

  • Remove mypy/flake8 from requirements, since they’re for local development/linting.

0.2 (2020-04-20)


  • Worlds now have environments (images) that can be sensed by Robots.

  • Documentation has been improved, now with complete instructions for basic setup and usage.